1024 combinations of fairground carpet for stands.


The fairground carpet for stands, fairs and congresses, like you have never seen before.

Whether you are a client looking to compare your corporate color to the closest available fairground carpet color, or a booth designer. You will have come across the situation of looking for fairground carpet photos on the internet to create your own material moodboards. Most likely, the result found will consist mainly of images of tiny remnants of the most common samples available on the market today. We understand you, even to MATERIA EFIMERA we found it difficult to show our clients the infinite possibilities of carpet color combination.

Most of the time this translated into the following: go to the physical catalog, choose the colors ; Make a bad photo with your mobile to send it by email or whassap… until we find a practical solution.

Our solution has been to create a common space where we can compare the carpet samples in combination with all the available colors.

These fairground carpet samples have been photographed in a neutral light to keep the color representation as accurate as possible. As a result, we obtain a consultation tool that we share here and is open to anyone who needs to make a comparison, a material testing board for a certain project.

It’s neither 900 nor 2000. There are 1024 fairground carpet combinations for stands. Because we use two colors, it goes without saying that if we increase colors to each possible combination, the result would be infinite.

How to see the carpet combinations?

It is very simple, you just have to click on the gif below and you will access our Pinterest boards where all the samples are hosted, you look for the folder of the specific color you want to compare and you will see all the combinations applied on that base color.

You can share, download, print, or save them to your own Pinterest boards.

We hope that, like us, they will also help you.


The world of carpets is almost as wide as vinyl or other materials available in ephemeral architecture. In addition to the different types and colors of carpets, they offer a wide variety of uses.

The fairground carpet is a carpet designed exclusively to be placed at events and fairs. It allows us, for example, to give a more welcoming look to a space, and also improve the visit of the attendees thanks to a warmer floor.

They serve for all kinds of events

This type of carpet offers a wide variety of uses. Whether they are for a single day or if we need a carpet that lasts several days. In both cases, its installation is quick and easy, allowing us to buy time. It is certainly an aspect to consider when organizing events.

They can be used in the assembly of congresses, walkways, stands, events, campaigns, presentations, photocalls, parties… Providing them with a personalized touch that will transmit to our customers a uniform brand image.

It also serves as a protection layer to carry out events on certain soils that must be protected and isolated from excessive traffic.

In any case, if you are preparing an event, a congress or an exhibition and you need a fairground carpet. We recommend that you consult our boards to see beforehand how the fairground carpet combines.

Image and finishing

The type of carpet that we use to cover the floor of the event will influence the decoration and the atmosphere. The aim is to offer a cozy and elegant feeling.

Relying on the carpet to reinforce the image and tone that we want to transmit. We have the option to use the carpet color closest to our corporate color or on the contrary. We can use complementary colors to this one, to obtain a much more impressive and vibrant result.

On other hand, we can also use the color of the carpet to enlarge or reduce a space.

With the creation of patterns in different shades or colors we manage to apply a certain dynamism to the spaces.

Another contribution that fairground carpets offer us is the possibility of using them as a signal element, directing and delimiting certain spaces that we are interested in highlighting.

Carpet ranges

The wide range of fairground carpet colors currently available on the market. They make it an affordable resource when organizing an event of any type or feature. In other words, the fairground carpet is an essential element to give any event a personalized touch.

In terms of colour, the fairground carpet consists of a wide range of shades. So that everyone finds the one that best suits their style. Today, fairground carpets ranging from the most intense reds can be found on the market. For a premiere where the now classic and iconic “red carpet” is required. Vibrant greens. For any nature-related event. Even the most sophisticated and subdued crudes, passing through neutral grays, highly requested at the fair. For the versatility they offer when combining them with corporate colors. Without forgetting the marbled carpets that are an ideal solution to solve problems of marking marks and resistance to dirt.

Advantages of fairground carpet

The fairground carpet for stands is an excellent option when it comes to short-term events, although the budget limitations are important, it offers warm and cozy finishes at very low prices, perfect for events of a few days.

On the other hand, it should be noted that these carpets are extremely easy to install. This results in a saving of time and cost. Its assembly is simple, clean, and can be removed in just a few minutes.

But its low cost is not an inconvenience when it comes to performing their function, on the contrary, thanks to their resistance they withstand continuous and intense use. Since most of the events that are organized usually host a significant number of visitors. The fairground carpets maintain their shape and softness from the moment they are placed until the end of the event. Be sure to check which of the different types of fairground carpet is the most convenient in each case. Since covering a catwalk is not the same as organizing a week-long national event, for example.

Visit our Pinterest boards

And compare the 1024 combinations of fairground carpet for stands.


If you still have any doubts about what type of carpet you need for your project, we will be happy to help you in everything related to carpets, design and assembly of stands, contact us.

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