Stand production

Stand production

Stand production

At MATERIA EFÍMERA, we start with the stand production once the client accept and sign our proposal/budget.

We produce the stand with unique elements, custom-made, and with exclusive detail furniture.  When we start manufacturing the stand, we put special attention and focus on the material we use is from high quality.

The project manager supervises the preparation of the exhibition to ensure everything is coordinated for the assembly.

In conclusion, the good relationship between designers and production  professionals gives us the confidence to deliver and build you an exceptional stand.

Fabricacion de stands ,Propuesta de diseño de stand

Materials and conclusion

We choose suitable materials, optimize the construction methods and plan in detail the delivery of the brand.

All process of production and implementation of the stand is in the hands of our expert team. We have a large diversity of materials to do reality any concept or idea.

Also, equally important, we will ensure to subscribe all the technical services that you might need at the fair or event.

This is part of our philosophy of service free of preoccupations. 

Building solutions

We count with a hand of building solutions that adapt to all budgets. 

From a stand proposal affordable to exhibitors with a budget more tight to the more luxurious and spectacular ephemeral architecture stand.

At MATERIA EFMERA we plan and produce stands that meet the most demanding requirements of our clients.

Stand design proposal



Fill out our briefing step by step and we will contact you with a proposal without obligation



All starts with one IDEA This is so important to us that we will chase the IDEA until the end...


We carefully choose all the materials, wisely elaborate a construction plan and strictly follow all the production steps until the delivery day.


Fair assembly Carpenters, painters, electrician, graphic .... all together onsite

Project management

Full support in any needed task: design, construction, extra services.... for each and individual project.

Turnkey project

Free yourself from any task. We will look after all the details for you.

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