Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts What do we mean when we talk about graphic arts? According to Wikipedia,all kinds of elaborations and visual elements are considered graphic arts, and mainly it refers to engraving and drawing techniques, although also, the term is often restricted to printing techniques. In fact, and more generally, it encompasses the different techniques and

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Cultural Events and Educational Events

Cultural Events and Educational Events An event is a planned action, a long planning process. However, an event also means being open to changes. Unforeseen events are always going to arise, so the planning process must be structured but also flexible. We have defined the Organization of events and the types of events that are:

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1024 combinations of fairground carpet for stands.

The fairground carpet for stands, fairs and congresses, like you have never seen before. Whether you are a client looking to compare your corporate color to the closest available fairground carpet color, or a booth designer. You will have come across the situation of looking for fairground carpet photos on the internet to create your

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Events Organization

Events Organization What is events organization? The events organization consists of the design, planning and production of a congress, convention, festival, ceremonies or other type of meeting. Each event corresponds to a social activity and a certain purpose. The events are established as a social or family, sports, cultural and business. Also, they are defined

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Post-Covid 19 Events. Should I have a stand at a fair?

Post-Covid 19 Events. Why should I have a stand at a fair? There are benefits that a company obtained by setting up a stand at fairs and congresses. So at this crucial moment you should not rescind from it. Since there are already many professionals working for post–Covid 19 events. We need to reactivate the

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