Social Events and Sports Events


Social Events and Sports Events

We continue to give continuity to our first post, Events Organization and the types of events. Today, we will talk about social events and sports events.

As we said, events are part of our life, of our day to day and, today we will talk about social events and sports events. Which, we could say, are the most common types of events in our lives.

Social Events

The social events, which as a rule have a non-corporate nature, are focused on the private, family or leisure sphere to improve the emotional ties between the guests or attendees.

They are meetings, plan in advance by the organizer, which aim to celebrate some kind of success.

Family and / or friends meetings. These are events, in which their objective is to share that special moment of our lives and is held to enjoy with the guests.

Some of the main examples are weddings, communions, christening, anniversaries, birthdays or gatherings with friends.

This type of event, being of a non-corporate nature, the organizer is not always a professional company hired to develop this type of event. As a rule, it is an informal event that is usually organized by the protagonist.

Types of social events:


When someone thinks of a social event, it’s the first thing that usually comes to our heads. Weddings are without a doubt the most important social event due to the number of guests they usually have and the organizational needs that are required.

Within the types of social events out there, the organization of the wedding is the most complex, so occasionally, couples can turn to professionals to help them prepare their big day.

It is certainly a wise decision, as it is possibly the most important day of your life as a couple, and you should focus your attentions and concerns on many other details, such as the enjoyment of your own guests.

Baptisms and communions

Like weddings, it’s definitely an important social event. The number of guests, as a rule, is lower than at a wedding.

However, they also require some needs and attention to detail so occasionally some families may also turn to the help of professionals.

Family or friends meetings

Events that have as their sole and main objective, bring together all the family or friends to the same place on a certain date. Taking the opportunity to see family or friends who may not be seen for years.

These are informal events that do not require special needs such as weddings, baptisms or communions.

Birthdays or anniversaries

They are without a doubt the most frequent events. Well, they’re repeated once a year.

The number of guests depends on each person and the type of party you want to throw for your birthday.

But, on the other hand, people tend to celebrate with greater intensity certain ages, such as age majorities, decade changes or the age of (the often longed for) retirement.

Such as family or friends meetings, they are informal events that don’t normally require the help of a professional.

Sports Events

Sports events are occasional activities that have a positive effect on the place that are carried out:

  • touristically
  • in infrastructure
  • economic
  • social
  • policies

We can say that the biggest examples of a sports event with these repercussions are the Olympic Games (JJOO), the World Cup, Champions League final or the Super bowl.

Sports events, in addition to being a leisure and amateur gathering exercise, have a great social and economic impact. They have great coverage and dissemination by the media, whether traditional or social media and generate a lot of revenue to all parties involved.

More and more sport events are being organized and that due to the high costs of investment, they need sponsors and are a good platform for advertising marketing.

To delve a little deeper into the characteristics of a sports event, we advise you to read this article from the Institute of Sports Studies.

Nelson Mandela said – “Sport has the power to change the world.”

We don’t know if it’s enough to change the world, but it’s certainly a tool that helps strengthen ties, improve relationships and increase productivity and performance.

At MATERIA EFIMERA, we are at your disposal to help you in the organization of your event. We have a young team and the necessary tools to carry out your desired event.

Win if you can, lose if necessary, but never give up!

Cameron Trammell

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