Business or Corporate Events


In the previous post we have seen what is the organization of events and the types of events that exist.

Today, and in the following posts, we will go a little deeper into each type of event and try to understand what each one is about.

Business or corporate events.

These are defined as scheduled events through which companies, institutions and organizations give visibility to their brand, service or product they market or offer. It is an event where a certain number of people with similar interests to an organization meet.

Business or corporate events can be of different categories. For example, social, academic, artistic or sporting.

And there are two types of corporate events, we distinguish each of them according to the target audience, in this order, we have internal and external events.

1.Internal corporate events

An internal corporate event is an event that takes place among the company’s workers. So these types of events may be related to the activity of the company itself or to the culture of the company.

It is understood as events related to the professional activity of the company, training events, courses or seminars related to the job (new processes), the production sector (regulations or legislation) or some service or new product of the company.

In business culture events, we can include: celebrations, incentive trips and aspects related to the team building.

These aim to reinforce the following aspects:

  • encourage the integration of employees into the company;
  • celebration of achievements, anniversaries or special dates;
  • motivate the fulfillment of objectives;
  • strengthening partner ties between workers;
  • implement learning and training actions on new products or working techniques.

2.External corporate events

An external corporate event is an event organized by the company for its customers, suppliers and other audiences, such as potential future customers. These are typically more formal events than internal events.

These, normally, has the following objectives:

  • create an institutional image;
  • position the company in the market;
  • attract new customers or retain existing ones;
  • achieve business benefits;
  • promotion and publicity of an idea, of a service, or of the proper company. And is that all good advertising and promotion is usually linked to an increase in sales of the product / service or an increase in leads for the company.

Important aspects to have in consideration

The larger the budget for the organization of an event, more extensive the options are when it comes to holding any type of event. However, the most important is to achieve the goals initially defined

An event usually stands out more when they have relevant personalities in the event theme area. For example, a fashion event will have bigger coverage if a recognized model or dressmaker is invited to participate and be present during the event.

Organizing these corporate events involves a lot of planning and a number of tasks beyond what is seen with the naked eye.

Therefore, many companies in order to meet all the objectives, contract the services of companies that hold corporate or other events.

At MATERIA EFIMERA we offer you these services and we can organize your corporate event with total success and guarantee.

This allows our customers to achieve their goals and dedicate their time and focus their resources on other business areas. And they will be able, therefore, to focus their effort and work on publicizing their brand and its product, on generating new commercial collaborations and new customers, strengthening their business relationships with their customers, etc…

Therefore, it is important to delegate the work and tasks that the organization of the event entails to specialized companies, with experience and knowledge of the sector.

“Getting together is the beginning. Staying together is progress.

Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

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