3 ideas to attract attention to your stand

One of the most effective tools to promote your company, its products and services is undoubtedly participation in a fair or congress, where it is possible to make new contacts, contact potential customers and even close productive businesses.

The fair stands are one of the most effective tools to promote your company, your products or services, is participation in a fair or congress, it is without a doubt, where you can make new contacts, attract potential customers and even close productive businesses.

For this to happen successfully, you need a fair stand that really stands out, that attracts the attention of everyone who pass through the place and that above all leaves, a magnificent first impression.

The design of stands is a very effective tool as a cover letter for your company, as long as you have a good and clear aesthetic that reinforces the image of your brand.

For all this, the importance of building stands lies in achieving decisively, the way to stand out above your competitors.

Ephemeral architecture

There are hundreds of fairs and congresses that are held every year and although, participation in them is important, it is more to have a good stand, which alone, captures the greatest attention.

This is where ephemeral architecture comes into play, as it involves the response to the requirements of a specific event, without a permanence beyond what is necessary.

However, it is not only ephemeral architecture that solves the opportunities to excel…

Signaling is the key

Poor signage can end all the effort you’ve made to participate with a fair stand. It is estimated that it is only three seconds of attention that a visitor dedicates, before deciding or not to enter your stand.

Understanding the types of charts that can be used is critical. Good use will depend on catching the attention of hundreds of people.

1| long range.

Hanging posters, banners or central towers constitute these graphics that communicate who we are, by name, logo and a short message.

They represent the first contact of attendees with your brand, they should be very visible, they serve as a claim for those who have been interested in knowing more. These graphs also set the tone for the rest of the communications.

2| mid-range.

These are the graphics that surround your stand: 3D signage on the walls, murals or LED coatings that are very convincing as real-time sign.

Ideal for promoting products, they will encourage visitors to enter your booth to delve deeper into the message or brand proposal.

3| short range

These are the posters that offer the most information. In them you can place infographics, commercial data and also important statistics, they must be located in the place where the business will be realized, so they are considered to be the ones that close the communication journey.

High level

En MATERIA EFÍMERA We offer you, all the graphics and the appropriate signage, which will make your stand stand out in the most productive way, You can participate in any type of event, from small fairs or at the highest level in international fairs such as Messe Frankfurt or Messe Munich,leaders who set trends for fairs and congresses around the world.


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